Fix your blocked drains for good

No dig, no mess, no fuss!


The most cost-effective and efficient way of repairing broken, collapsed and missing sections of drains, either above or below ground, without the need of costly excavation, repairs or replacement.


The pipe relining process eliminates the costly excavations and replacement of existing pipelines in conjunction with all the other associated costs involved.


Cured-in-place epoxy lining moulds to the internal diameter of the host pipe creating a structural seamless ‘pipe within a pipe’.

Increases Flow Capacity

Newly relined pipelines increase flow capacity due to the new smooth inner lining of the pipelines.

No destruction

Using systemised methods SA Pipe Relining is capable of relining pipelines through inspection openings or any from of access to the pipeline.

No disruption to your routine

The lining process is non intrusive and clean allowing your routine to be maintained with minimal disruption and maximum cleanliness.

No damage to ROADS, paths or landscaping

Avoid costly expenses involved in excavations, replacement of pipelines and reinstatement of affected areas.

Interest Free
Payment Plans

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Rehabilitate your Broken, Cracked or Blocked Drains today!


We fix the drains that others can’t!

Our 3 Step Pipe Relining Process

How we repair broken, cracked or blocked drains. Our three step relining process delivers a cost effective, non-intrusive, guaranteed drain repair.

pipe relining cross section
Pipe Relining Tree Root Drain Repairs

Locate and identify the problem using CCTV Cameras.

Pipe Relining Tree Root Drain Repairs

Prepare the area to be relined using specialised equipment.

Pipe Relining Tree Root Drain Repairs

Insert liner and bladder into position. Inflate and set liner into place, creating a new pipe within a pipe.

Professionalism, safety, quality management and getting the job done right.


Pipe Relining Cross Section

SA Pipe Relining has the ability to create a ‘pipe within a pipe’

Utilising technology, commonly referred to as Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) and Pull-In-Place (PIP), SA Pipe Relining has the ability to create a ‘pipe within a pipe’. This is achieved using specific environmentally friendly, scientifically tested epoxy resins, creating a new seamless structural strength pipe, junction or sectional repair – within the host pipe without damage to structures, floors, landscapes or causing nuisance and inconvenience.

The seamless liner is custom made from fabric that is impregnated with specific environmentally friendly two part epoxy resins and a pre inserted bladder spanning the length of the liner. The liner is inserted into the pipeline through an inspection opening or access point and is positioned in the desired location. The bladder is then inflated using compressed air, causing the liner to mould to the host pipe, filling cracks, holes and spanning over any voids in the pipeline. The liner can be custom made to length, from 1m upwards allowing small sectional repairs to be carried out or complete mains relined.

The liner will adhere to PVC, Cast Iron, Concrete Pipe, Roll Groove, Galvanised Pipe, Copper, HDPE, Poly Pipe, Zincalume, Cardboard – absolutely anything.

This particular technology’s greatest advantage is the ability to structurally epoxy reline multiple angle bends, junctions and changes in pipe size with the option of only lining the area in need of repair. This provides significant cost savings and flexibility as the need to reline entire lengths of pipe from point of entry to point of repair is not necessarily required.


Pipe Relining is extremely versatile and can be
used in a number of applications, these include:

  • Work in Heritage Listed Buildings
  • Concrete Storm Water Drains
  • Downpipes
  • Sewer Stack Drains
  • Pump Lines
  • Swimming Pool Inlet Pipes
  • Chemical Applications (laboratories)
  • Asbestos Drains
  • Suction Lines
  • Grease Drains

We work for:

  • Councils
  • Property Managers
  • Engineers
  • Civil Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Residential Households
  • Hotels and Pubs
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Facilities
  • Purpose Built Complex’s
  • Strata Corporations
  • Builders
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Utilities – SA Water
  • Commercial


Why dig when you can Reline

Pipe Relining Method

  • Decide on sectional repair or entire main drain reline
  • Manufacture liners
  • Launch liners
  • Allow cure time
  • Job completed

No mess, no fuss, non intrusive, non destructive, no environmental impact

Traditional Method
(Dig and Replace)

  • Council approval or Water Authority approval required
  • Concrete cutting, slab or footing cutting, paver removal or landscape destruction imminent
  • Excavation of existing drain, usually with a backhoe commences, generally a messy, very intrusive and very dangerous process
  • Existing drain removed
  • No drainage to entire house until new drain has been laid and connected
  • New drain installed connecting to existing site connections
  • Drains require testing
  • Water authority inspection required
  • Trenches backfilled and compacted
  • Concrete and or paving to be reinstated
  • Landscape to be reinstated hopefully to the same condition as before work commenced
  • Usually a 2-3 day process
  • Very intrusive and destructive
  • Expensive process


SA Pipe Relining is an organisation dedicated to finding simple, non-intrusive solutions to complex problems using latest technologies and methodical work practices in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

SA Pipe Relining is an organisation dedicated to finding simple, non-intrusive solutions to complex problems using latest technologies and methodical work practices in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

SA Pipe Relining is a specialised Pipe Relining company developed to meet the increasing demands to repair and rehabilitate South Australia’s ageing sewer and stormwater infrastructure.

We repair broken, collapsed and even missing sections of pipes either above or below ground, without the need of costly excavation, repairs or replacement.

SA Pipe Relining services Domestic, Commercial and Corporate sectors in all areas of South Australia.

Our specialised pipe rehabilitation techniques and experience offers our customers, practical, least intrusive and best environmentally friendly solutions for pipe repairs, providing long lasting and affordable results.

In short, we repair what others can’t!

Servicing South Australia
since 2002

SA Pipe Relining provides pipe rehabilitation solutions across all areas of metropolitan and regional South Australia. We work across multiple industries applying our sought after expertise to a diverse range of complex situations. Our professional approach ensures our clients receive the highest quality standards of service and advice.

We’re the first and last call for pipe rehabilitation solutions.

We regularly consult and are required to be on site within regional areas of Australia.

If your seeking immediate service or would like to discuss your job in detail please call us on 1300 799 846. Our team of experts can provide immediate response to any emergency situations.

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Our happy clients

Jason DownardJason Downard ★★★★★ My sewer line had a full circumfrential crack on a 45 degree bend and had tree roots growing into it and blocking the pipe. Tony and Stuart were great and relined the pipe and explained the process. I am very happy with the result, I recommend SA Pipe Relining 100%. Thanks guys.Response from the ownerThanks Jason for sharing your experience! We're thrilled to hear that Tony and Stuart provided excellent service. Ill make sure this kind review is passed onto them! Geoffrey BrooksGeoffrey Brooks ★★★★★ Jake gave a clear explanation of the work required when he came out to give the quote. Tony and Stuart did a very good job with the repair to my sewer a few days later. They had to work in the basement area under the house that had sewage over sections of the floor. The cost of the job was less than what I paid ten years ago to have a plumber excavate and repair a nearby section of the same sewer. I also have not been left with the problem of needing to get concrete reinstated above the sewer.Response from the ownerThanks for the review! Jake, Tony & Stuart will be thrilled to hear you were happy with the work. Ill make sure this is passed onto them & thank you for trusting SAPipe Relining! Sean O'DonnellSean O'Donnell ★★★★★ Highly recommend this company, did a great job at a great price. Dave and Adam arrived dead on 8am and were finished by 11.30. they showed us the re-lining on the camera. with a 50-year warranty you can't go wrong.Jill BokumJill Bokum ★★★★★ Dave, Adam and Stu were everything you want in professionalism and trust. Arrived on time, finished on time, friendly, and boy, did they know their stuff!My plumber advised that I needed their services for a recurring tree root problem blocking the pipe. However, I actually very little idea of what they would be doing. By the time they left I’d had everything explained to me and even saw the underground in-pipe work they did! All work was carried out from the inspection points, so no cutting concrete or digging. The reline has a very impressive 50 year warranty. They also left me with a folder explaining all the uses and benefits of this technology. The applications are extensive as well as non-intrusive.One of the nicest experiences I have had with tradespeople.Response from the ownerThank you Jill for this fantastic review! I cant wait to share this with the rest of the team. If you ever need our services again or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks again for choosing us! Barbara GarwoodBarbara Garwood ★★★★★ There are simply not enough stars to award this company and team which attended to our needs. From beginning to end the process was seamless as we were attended by professionals who were knowledgeable and efficient.Jake who attended as the diagnostician identified the issues with our pipes quickly and without fuss using sophisticated equipment. Tony and Stuart collaborated brilliantly as a team, systematically and carefully working through the processes necessary to repair our blockages. We really appreciated their careful explanations and quiet and friendly manner. There was no mess, no fuss as they were meticulous in their attention to detail and cleanup. We are delighted with the result.Response from the ownerThank you so much for your kind words, Barbara! We're thrilled to hear that our team provided you with a seamless and efficient experience. We take pride in our knowledgeable and professional staff, and we're glad to hear that Jake, Tony, and Stuart worked together brilliantly to repair your blockages. We're delighted that you appreciated their careful explanations and attention to detail. If you ever need our services again, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for choosing SA Pipe Relining! DAVID MAHONEYDAVID MAHONEY ★★★★★ Cannot Speak Highly Enough Of The Team Who Attended Our Property In Relation To Issues With Our Stormwater Pipework After The Recent Storms In Adelaide.The Lads Arrived On Time And Were Polite And Professional In Their Dealings With Us From Start To Finish. They Performed A Thorough Inspection With The Camera And Then Proceeded To Hydrojet The Entire Stormwater Pipework System To Ensure Any Materials Were Cleaned Out, Furthermore Double Checked AgainWith Camera.They Did Detect A Small Crack On Inspection, However They Proceeded To Show The Location So I Could Easily Repair It Myself Saving Me Calling A Plumber$$$$.Again Thanks And Would Highly Recommend This Business To Anyone Looking For Advice And Repairs.Response from the ownerThanks David for the recommendation! We appreciate you putting your trust in us. js_loader


How long will the job take?

Each job is unique and may require completion in stages which will vary from job to job however consider the following as a guide;

    1. Our resins come in various curing times; Slow, Medium and Fast and can also be hot cured for faster setting.
      • Slow – approximately 8-10 hours to cure
      • Medium – approximately 6-8 hours to cure
      • Fast – approximately 3-5 hours to cure
      • Hot cure – approximately 45mins-2 hours to cure
      • All curing times are dependent on the ambient temperature.
    2. Each liner is custom manufactured (generally off site).
    3. Every drain (or host pipe) requires preparation to ensure the internal bore of the drain is descaled, all obstructions and tree roots removed and properly prepared to accept the liner.
    4. Some jobs have very limited drain access therefore inspection openings may need to be inserted or raised to provide sufficient access.


All of the above contribute to time required on site to effectively complete the job however in most applications typical downtime of any single sectional lining of pipe would be no greater than 10 hours.

How strong is the liner?

The liner is extremely strong, almost 4 times stronger than PVC!

It’s so strong that it can act as its own pipe (not just inside another). For example if your drain actually had a missing section, on the proviso that we can pull the liner through the missing section of drain, we’d be able to reline it, creating a structural pipe that is strong enough to take the weight of the ground above it and act as its own pipe.

Can you reline around bends and junctions?

Absolutely! The advantage that our liners have over others on the market is that we can custom manufacture our liners to any length and have the ability to reline around multiple bends, changes in direction and junction lining.

What sizes can you reline to and what are the typical applications?

Our liners will adhere to any type of material.

The most common applications are in: PVC, copper, earthenware, HDPE, cast iron, concrete and asbestos drains/pipes.

We have the ability to reline pipes from 40mm in diameter up to 1 metre.

Are you licensed?

SA Pipe Relining is the exclusive South Australian accredited licensee of Nu Flow. Our accreditation requires us to ensure we meet annual national training seminars, regular training workshops and adhere to all quality and safety aspects.

We hold $50,000,000 Public Liability Insurance and are a CCF accredited company.

Can you guarantee your work?

Yes, all liners are guaranteed and warrantied for 50 years ensuring that it is free from any defects, subject to normal use, correct installation, reasonable maintenance and the exclusions set out in the terms of the warranty.

What is your experience in relining?

All our lining technicians have been extensively trained and are well experienced in relining technology requirements and design. All technicians are qualified Plumbers and hold a Certificate III in Plumbing and Gas Fitting, ensuring all jobs can be handled in-house.

Do you provide free quotes?

All our quotes are provided free of charge.

We may however need to inspect the internal condition of the drain using CCTV equipment in order to accurately provide a fixed price for a job. In such circumstances will always advise our clients of the charges involved prior to proceeding with any work.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, cheque, direct debit and credit card payments.

We also offer interest-free finance through Open-Pay.

How do I know the job has been done correctly?

Post relining, all our customers are provided with footage of the newly lined drain as evidence that all work has been completed.

Generally our customers are onsite while work is being conducted and get to see the finished product first hand.

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