Pipe Relining Residential Case Study

Case Study – Athelstone Residential

SA Pipe Relining specialises in residential pipe rehabilitation services. From single patch lining to junctions and bends, we can solve your drain problems 24 hours 7 days per week. If you suspect that your drain is not performing correctly, call us and we’ll show you the cause of the problem with our CCTV drain equipment and provide you with options on how to fix it!

Initial Problem

SA Pipe Relining was called in to investigate a broken toilet drain issue at the site. The home had experienced minor subsiding resulting in cracking in the master bedroom.

CCTV Inspection found 100 x 45 PVC junction beneath the ensuite bathroom toilet to have cracked and misaligned, allowing water to escape to the surrounding ground underneath the building, causing movement and causing the cracking to the master bedroom.

Work Performed

The junction liner was custom manufactured to suit the site specific requirements. The liner was then installed into place and inflated, reconstructing the drain in one piece to cover over the sectional break in the PVC junction.

Post CCTV footage confirmed that the liner was successful in remedying the issue, creating a complete seal of the problematic area. Hydrostatic testing was then performed to confirm the lined section was water tight and to allow the office of the technical regulator (OTR) to inspect the lined section of drain and approve works.


  • 1 day to complete from start to finish (after initial investigation)
  • No destruction to the newly built home or ensuite bathroom
  • No structural damage or weakening of the newly built home
  • No inconvenience to the customers
  • Cost effective when compared to traditional dig and replace methods

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