Pipe Relining Flinders Uni Case Study

Case Study – Flinders University

Flinders University is one of Adelaide’s most respected educational bodies. The University offers more than 160 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as higher degree research supervision across all disciplines. The University caters for both on campus and off campus education for both local and international students abroad.

Initial Problem

As part of the University’s redevelopment works program, SA Pipe Relining was contracted by the principle plumbing contractor to rehabilitate 18 metres of earthenware drain infrastructure which traditional dig and replace methods could not facilitate. Due to the location of the drainage, the high slope of the property and the excessively deep infrastructure, relining was the preferred option chosen to undertake the project.

Work Performed

Initial CCTV inspection indicated that all joints suffered from tree root intrusion, which was causing the continual blockages at the site. SA Pipe Relining removed all tree roots and prepared the drain for relining utilising a combination of Hi-Pressure drain cleaning equipment (hydrojet) and various specialised cutting tools.

An 18 metre custom made liner was manufactured to site specifications and installed in one continuous length. Post CCTV footage confirmed that the liner was successful in remedying issues, creating a complete seal of the problematic area. Hydrostatic testing was then performed to confirm the lined section was water tight. Once confirmed the job was submitted to the office of the technical regulator (OTR) to inspect the lined section of drain and approve works.


SA Pipe Relining successfully completed all works without disturbances to the general operation of the University facilities. In conjunction with Jordan Plumbing, SA Pipe Relining completed all work in accordance with the Universities strict deadline.

Benefits of relining technology for the project included:

  • Major cost saving compared to traditional dig and replace methods
  • Saving the environment – no trees and plants were removed in performing works
  • Existing infrastructure was undisturbed for the entire duration of relining works

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