Pipe Relining Swimming Pool Case Study

Case Study – Payneham Swimming Centre

The Payneham Swimming Centre offers three heated pools with generous shade protection. The eight lane, Olympic-size 50 metre pool offers ample room for lap swimming and the learners and toddler’s pools provide the perfect place for children to build up their confidence in the water. There are also shower and bathroom facilities and a kiosk.

Initial Problem

Main inlet pipe beneath the centre of the 50m Olympic size pool was suspected to be leaking and required lining to seal any potential leaks.

Work Performed

Pipe Relining was selected by the local council as the most cost effective and best solution to rehabilitate the ageing inlet pipe and outlets.

The rehabilitation process included:

  • Draining the entire pool to allow access
  • Hydrojetting and descaling the internal bore of the pipe
  • Coring and removing all 180 individual outlet diffusers
  • Relining the entire main inlet pipe beneath the pool and under the diving wall connecting to existing poly supply pipe, approximately 57m in total of 375mm pipe.
  • Insertion and sealing of new diffusers
  • CCTV inspection of complete rehabilitated pipe


Traditional methods would have resulted in the entire inlet pipe needing to be removed and replaced with new, which would have required the concrete base of the pool to be cut and removed.

The engineering, labour costs and work required for the traditional method of replacement would have exceeded the customers budgets and caused mass inconvenience and unnecessary destruction.

The Relining work was able to be completed during the Swimming Centres off season and was completed with minimal fuss and no destruction to the pool whatsoever.


194 OG Road
Felixstow SA 5070