Pipe Relining Glenelg Case Study

Case Study – Glenelg

Strata living often brings together people of diverse interests and backgrounds. The Strata Titles Act has been designed to minimise the risk of disputes by setting out some clear rules on who owns what (boundaries), maintenance responsibilities, dispute resolution, insurance and meetings. Unit Care Services take the weight off your shoulders, provide you with peace of mind and give you time to get on with your life whilst protecting your asset. They believe you deserve a manager that has your interests at heart, is qualified and trustworthy.

Initial Problem

The Keen Ave site consisted of 2 X 3 storey unit blocks, with each block running to its own independent sewer connection.

The southern unit block circumstances differed from the other as the main drain ran out from the unit complex through to an adjoining property on a separate title. In such a circumstance any excavation that was required to replace the drain would have to be undertaken in the adjoining neighbour’s property.

The drain was 150mm earthenware and had extremely heavy tree root intrusion which was continually causing the unit main sewer drain to block and inconvenience the tenants.

Work Performed

Using high pressure water (hydrojet equipment) all tree root intrusion and other obstructions in the drain were removed and the internal bore of the drain was descaled in preparation for relining.

CCTV equipment identified the length of the liner required and the exact positioning of the intruded section of drain.

The drain was then relined and rehabilitated to full condition, eliminating the need for any excavation works.


SA Pipe Relining was able to complete all works with no destruction and no disturbance to the neighbouring property.

The job was successfully completed from start to finish within a week of commencement, allowing the residents to continue using services with minimal disruption. No excavation was required to complete the relining work, avoiding costly reinstatement of driveways, paths and gardens.