Pipe Relining Adelaide Case Stduy

Case Study – Techport

Techport Australia – Australia’s premier naval industry hub, is located at Osborne in South Australia.

The South Australian Government has invested over $300 million in state-owned infrastructure at Techport Australia to develop a world-class maritime industrial precinct. The facility will support ASC to deliver the Royal Australian Navy’s next generation $8 billion Air Warfare Destroyers (AWDs) and will attract future naval shipbuilding and repair opportunities to the state.

Initial Problem

Final CCTV inspection of RCP (concrete) stormwater drains revealed several defects on the RCP connection in a newly developed industrial sub division. The defects prevented the works from being passed and accepted by the local council.

Work Performed

Once the defects were identified and recorded, SA Pipe Relining utilised relining technology to rehabilitate over the defective joints ensuring a permanent seal of the drain system.

The newly created liner also prevented water ingress into the pipe.

All work was successfully completed without the need for excavation of newly built roads, paving and landscaping of the Tech Port area.


SA Pipe Relining successfully managed to complete works deeming the project to be passed though initial stages of council approval.

No excavation was required to repair the RCP stormwater connections, ensuring the client saved in overall reinstatement costs of the project as well as minimising potentially lengthy delays in the overall works and handover.


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