Pipe Relining Bar Case Study

Case Study – The Office on Pirie

The Office on Pirie is an iconic Adelaide hotel located in the heart of the CBD district. The hotel offers a range of services including; corporate functions, gaming, event launches and dining experiences. The venue is licensed to hold up to 300 people.

Initial Problem

SA Pipe Relining worked in conjunction with PA Plumbers to assist in locating and rehabilitating the main copper sewer drain. Due to the commercial application of the sewer drain, overtime chemicals and other waste products caused the cooper drain to degrade. The resulting drain had missing/corroded sections of copper, which caused continual blockages throughout different areas of the building.

Work Performed

PA Plumbers provided SA Pipe with footage identifying areas of concern in the drainage system. SA Pipe Relining conducted an extensive CCTV report to understand the exact location of the problematic areas and to identify the total scope of works required to rehabilitate the drain.

PA Plumbers hydro-excavated several sections of the drain, allowing for sufficient access for relining. SA Pipe utilised specialised cutting tools to prepare the area for relining, and rebuilt sections of the sub surface to support the new drain infrastructure.

SA Pipe successfully relined over 15 meters of the existing copper main sewer drain, remedying the issues in the infrastructure. All work was planned and performed with minimal disturbance to the hotel and its customers in conjunction with PA Plumbers.


SA Pipe Relining was able to operate to the hotels designated shutdown period, allowing for minimal disruption to general trade. In conjunction with PA Plumbers, SA Pipe completed works ensuring all work was performed to the hotels strict deadline.

Relining technology was chosen as the ideal choice to remedy problems at the hotel due to the concealed location of the drain and operating environment. Our relining technology minimised any disturbances to general operations of the facility. No excavation was required to complete the relining work, therefore no costly reinstatement was required.

SA Pipe Relining successfully completed works to schedule and budget, ensuring both contractor and client were satisfied.

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110 Pirie St
Adelaide SA 5000